Best practice for documenting reverse ERD? Which connectors to use?


I need to document a part of an existing Database and its ‘connected’ columns and entities.
2023-02-13 12_58_01 001111 Window1
What type of connector makes most sense to do this?

  • relationship connectors: they don’t stick to the columns I put them. There is an option to do so on the end side of the connector, but that gets moved away if I rearrange the layout of the diagram. Additionally, they seem alwys to be straight, even if I have seet ‘Connector style’ to 'Curve
    in diagram settings.
  • generic connectors: they stay attached to their column, but seem to have no direction or relationship meaning. Also, I didn’t find any way to convert one of them to a one-to-many-Relationship for example.

Another question: is there a kind of more or less smart auto-layout for arranging entities near by their corresponding entities they are connected to?

Reference: I am running Version 16.3 (20220731)

For relationship connectors you can right click on the blank area of your ERD and select Presentation Options > Foreign Key Display Options > Point Foreign Key End to Associated Column to have it link between the PK & FK columns.