Best practises for using vp uml and JPA Entity Classes


do you have any recommendation on using vp uml and JPA?


Hi Zaphod,

Thanks for your post. We plan to support JPA in VP Suite 4.1 (we will release VP Suite 4.0 this week).

Currently we only support generating code of EJB class, which is with JPA annotation. You need to create EJB classes on the Class Diagram, add “ORM Persistable” stereotype to the classes and synchronize the Class Diagram to ERD. After that you can generate code by Java round-trip engineering, the code you get will be with JPA annotation.

  • Java round-trip engineering and synchronization between class diagram and ERD are supported in VP-UML/SDE Professional Edition or above.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Do you have an approximate idea when VP Suite 4.1 will be released?
Even when orm core jar is not selected, some hibernate notations are generated:
@org.hibernate.annotations.GenericGenerator(name=“V0A0A168D121EE949BA80C925”, strategy=“native”)
@org.hibernate.annotations.Cascade({org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.SAVE_UPDATE, org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.LOCK})
@org.hibernate.annotations.MapKey(targetElement=Integer.class, columns=@Column(name=“ComponentIndex”))

It will be great to have only JPA’s notation or to have the choice…
May I know the version of hibernate’s notations that are provided with the generated code?

Hi Ame,

Thanks for replying. We are sorry that currently Hibernate notation cannot be excluded. VP Suite 4.1 is expected to be available on September this year.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong