Binding links

I’m experimenting the following problem :

When committing the project to the Team Workserver, the binding links are lost.

I am using version 4.1 (linux).

Have any idea of what could produce that result ?

Dear Albert,

What do you mean by “binding links”? Can you provide more details such as the model type of the links and the connecting shapes? And it would be easier for us to trace the problem if you have the steps to repeat the same problem. Thank you very much.



In a class diagram, I have got a template and then the classes which should bind to the template by instanciating its parameters. For this purpose I usually use a dependency link with the bind stereotype and the value of the instanciation parameters. I found out that VPUml proposes, in the dependency links, a <> link and so I figure out this was what I should use. This takes place in a package. Here comes the problem I previously described , these <> links disappear after each “commit” operation. For now, I replaced them by <> dependency links which work fine (From a given point of view, I think that what I’m doing is an instanciation).
Anyway, the only fact that links can be lost by a commit operation seems not to be a very desirable comportment…

I hope you will be able to reproduce the problem with my description, and figure out what is this problem. If you need more information do not hesitate to mail me back.