Block Diagram Corrupted After Save and Commit



I have lost over 4 hours of work today struggling with VP-Online integration with VP Modeler 15.2. I have a simple online project to produce some basic block diagrams. I am the only user of the online project. After working on the local copy of the diagram, I ‘save and commit.’ After the commit process, the diagram reopens and is corrupted. Only a portion of the diagram remains (no rhyme or reason to what persists). Extremely frustrated and annoyed. I’ve used VP for years and this is a show-stopper. Moreover, I’m not sure why I have to integrate with VP-Online anyway. I just want t produce some basic block diagrams. Why do I have to do it via the online integration?


Hi Patrick,

We are sorry about the problem you experienced. We can confirm the issue can be repeated. Please wait for the problem to be fixed and we will notify you once the fix is ready. Thank you.

As for the question about why an integration with VP-Online is required, it is because VP offers certain kinds of diagrams that are available only as web diagrams (Block Diagram being one of them), and currently those web diagrams cannot work without connecting to the server.

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Hi Patrick,

I would like to let you know the diagram not being save to VP Online problem had been fixed. Once again I’m sorry about the problem you experienced. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!

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Rain Wong