BP-VA - iPad - Updates - exchange with Omnigraffle

I’ve been trying the trial version of BP-VA and I’m wondering whether to buy it - so I’d be grateful for any advice on these:

  • There are instructions for running it on a windows tablet - but none on the iPad. Is an iPad version likely soon?

  • How soon is there likely to be an update to 10.0 (the current version)? If version 10.1 comes out, do you have to pay for it, or do you have to have paid for the ‘support’ option? Or is the support option just there, as I’d expect, for version 11.0, if that comes out in the next year?

  • Is there likely to be a version that you can export in an omnigraffle-friendly format?

The problem I’ve been finding is that most of the BPMN 2.0 compatible software either runs on java, and seems a bit unstable, or is stuck on a microsoft platform - I can’t imagine any genuine designer, even of Business Processes, not using a Mac these days, so I find this very strange…!