BPMN 2.0 - Multiple usage of DataObjects

Good afternoon!

Imagine a simple process, containing a sequence of tasks. 1st task will be used to create a specific DataObject (output of Task1), where 2nd task will use this DataObject to send it to an external partner for example (input for Task2). To show this dependencies DataObject will be attached via DataAssotiation to Task1 (DataObject as target), and in opposite direction to Task2 (Task2 as target):


Start -> Task1 -> Task2 -> End

When creating this model via VP I will be asked for using the DataObject as view in case I will add the second one with unique name to the model. Next step is to attach States to the DataObjects (right click->State->Configure). So far so good, as sketched above model finally will contain state information.

Next step is to maintain properties whether DataObject construct is required for start of task or not (right click->Model Element Properties-> …). Unfortunately this property will be handled unique for all views of the DataObject construct, so that I will be not able to define it as result of Task1 and as mandatory input for Task2. Modification of DataObject view attached to Task1 will influence other view attached to Task2 and vice versa.

Could you please check this, and give some feedback whether this is bug or feature? How to achieve the expected behaviour (modification of property independent per view)?

Thank you - Frank

…well, blanks inserted in initial post has been removed :frowning:

So I attached an image to visualize the example.

As you can see properties “Produced at Completion” and “Required for Start” will not be handled per view.
When switching the property to “Required for Start” at Task2 this will result in modification of DataObject view attached to Task1 too.

I would expect to define “Produced at Completion” in case of Task1,
and “Required for Start” in case of Task2.


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your posts. The State of Data Object is view-based but Status of Project Management Property is model-based, there you cannot have different status on views on Data Object.
I recommend you define your status “Produced at Completion” and “Required for Start” in Data Object so you can present the different status on same Data Object model.
By the way, association from Task to Data Object presents output and from Data Object to Task presents input already.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong