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Now that I know the VP concept of “master pool”, I have a follow up question.

In a choreography below, I’m not defining any pool.

However, as a consequence, the choreography elements in the model explorer became orphan.

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What is the recommended approach to solve this issue?

Thank you, Filipe

Hi Filipe,

It is recommended you create a parent model element and create sub-diagrams from it. Any model elements of master view diagram elements will then fall into this parent model element. Though any kind of model element will do, we recommend using Model for organizing purpose:


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Hey Antony,

I think I did what you suggested.

I created a diagram. However the choreography elements are still kind of orphan. In other words, they are not showing as children of my model, as I try to show below.

If things were to be making sense to me, the three items should show below the Z-Test diagram.

This is what the Project Browser shows

Again. I want to make sure I’m using the tool correctly.

Thank you, Filipe

Hi Filipe,

First you need to make sure your diagram actually is under a parent model element. To verify this, right-click on the diagram and select “Open Specification”. When the diagram specificaiton shows up, Check whether the diagram’s parent model is correct:

If it isn’t correct, just click the ellipsis button and you can select another model element as the parent model in the “Select Model Element” dialog box.


Hope this could solve your problem.


Hey Antony

Yes. The diagram is assigned.

I hope the diagram below leaves no doubts.

choreography-part 2

In case it’s not 100% clear I’m also attaching the diagram below.

Thank you

Hi Filipe, you case is expected as this picture illustrates:

Z - Test is under the Model because it is its sub-diagram, the choreography task and events are under the Model as well because they are the Model’s children. If you want to make the model elements not directly under “Business Processes”, you need to create another Model that is under “Business Processes” and create sub-diagram in the child Model instead.

Hey Antony.

Would you agree with the following statements:

1 - When creating a choreography in VP it is a good practice to create a new model for each individual choreography (please refer to diagram below).

2 - This is the only way to enforce that the items of a choreography are segregated in the model explorer view.

3 - The reason for this is because the model explorer view segregates diagram items based on the pool. When a pool is not present, then the items of a choreography are listed with the diagrams (by default).

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At the end of the day, I’m trying to identify which view better adapts to my work as a BPM architect. So far none of the views you provide seems to complete fit to what I need.

The Diagram Navigator seems a good candidate but the fact that you don’t have a “directory” for choreographies makes my job of trying to find them really hard. Curiously the Project Browser view, which was the one I was using initially, is not longer able to meet my needs now that I have a large quantity of bpmn diagrams.

It would help if in the Diagram Navigator could have a directory not only for choreographies but also for DMN and CMMN. But then that would be a longer discussion because it seems that I would need a new subscription for CMMN, and it seems that at this time VP doesn’t support DMN.

Thank you for you time and clarifications.

Hi Filipe,

  1. It really depends on the user’s preference. For some casual “diagrammers” they may not even need to care about the model structure at all. But for serious modelers like you, it is generally a good practice to organize the model elements so it is easy for you to locate them.

  2. Yes. Currently only possible using the Model Explorer.

  3. According to what your requirement is, I would say that only Model Explorer can suit your needs. Maybe you think no view completely fits your needs because there is no some automatically grouping of model elements in the Model Explorer? But how the model elements are organized are really subjective to the user, and so you have to organize elements by creating the desired hierarchy yourself, just like what you would do when organizing files in a file explorer. It does require some extra works but you have complete control over how things get organized.

And yes, currently we only support CMMN but not yet for DMN.

Thank you,