BPMN - decision gates with many outputs - alignment


I was wondering if someone could help me.

I have many decision gates that have many outputs. The slightest movement on the diagram and they all get of alignment.

04 PM

Is there a way to align all of these sequence flow aligned? I think that as they look in the diagram above the diagram looks unprofessional.

Thank you

We are very sorry about the problem you experienced.
However, we cannot reproduce the problem you mentioned.
Shown as screenshot below, Visual Paradigm will keep your diagram layout during editing.

Besides, it is possible to adjust connector’s turning points

  1. Select the connector
  2. Drag and drop turning point directly


I don’t know whether you have a problem with the large diagrams, large projects, in-line subprocesses, named sequence flows, embedded subprocesses or all of the above . However, you do have a problem.

I suggest you add a few steps to your ad-hoc test script:

1 - add two lanes: “system”, “user”
2 - put “task 4” on the user lane
3 - transform all task that created after the “Gateway” into embedded subprocesses (rendered in process) and place them in the user lane
4 - name all outgoing flows from “gateway”
5 - add a decision gate on every other “gateway” outgoing flow.

I believe that if you do that you will get to something along these lines the scenario that I’m dealing with.

Thank you.

We able to reproduce the problem you experienced.
Our engineers will investigate on it and I’ll keep you post once there are any feedback.
Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!