BPMN - Double Click Moves Diagram - w. Video


1 - I draw a sequence flow line between two shapes.
2 - since the new sequence flow crosses other sequence flows, I try to configure the new sequence flow to “hop” over the other sequence flows

The attached video is showing what happens when I try to right click (double tap) on my Mac over the sequence flow.

In the past I was told that this could happen if my Java libraries weren’t updated. I’m on the latest release.

Please advise.
Thank you, Filipe

Hi Filipe,

Does the problem reproduce even using another way to show popup menu?
(e.g. press Control key when tap mouse button)

If problem can reproduced by show popup using another way,
Please send your project to support-team@visual-paradigm.com with this post’s URL for checking.
(Maybe the problem is pretty specific to your project)

Besides, two fingers tap and slide two fingers are gestures.
It may easy to wrong trigger other one.
For details, you can see below page.


The Control key + tap works.

I can’t send you my project for security concerns.

p.s. - should I record how I’m double tapping? Or can we assume that chances are that’s not an issue?

Yes, we can assume that chances are that’s not an issue.