BPMN - How to "batch" update pool/lane colors? (Print Ready Diagrams)


I’m in a bit of a jam.

I have 30+ BPMN diagrams.

They are all using the default VP blue/yellow/black color scheme.

Unfortunately the color scheme doesn’t print well . The customer would like me to change things to black and white.

Is there a way to change all models at the same time? I’m using “model - M/a” instantiation.

Thank you,


You can batch update Pool/Lane color by following below steps

  1. Select one of Pool shapes
  2. Open Formats dialog via popup
  3. Within Formats dialog, choose the background color you want
  4. Click Set as Default button, then click Set as Default for Pool
  5. Click Apply to whole project
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Love this feature. It worked like a charm.