BPMN - Mapping Datastore to Class Model


What’s the best way to map a BPMN datastore to the database logical model?


At the time I’m using a link to a shape


That then maps to a class diagram


Is there a more efficient way to do it?

Thank you

Hi Filipe,

You may consider using the Model Transitor feature too, this article teaches you what it is, how to create a transition between diagrams and model/diagram elements, and how to navigate between them:

Hope you would find it useful,


Hi Antony,

Is this feature only available to certain versions? I’m afraid I don’t have access to it.
I might also be looking on the wrong place. I noted that the article you sent me is from 2009. Things may have change places.

Please advise. Thank you, FP

Hi Filipe, sorry I forgot to mention that the Model Transitor is supported from Standard Edition or above. If your edition of VP does not support it, then the reference to shape feature you are using is already the most suitable one.

From your description of requirement I think Model Transitor would be the best fit, and seems you haven’t evaluated this feature before. You may give it a try by evaluating our Standard Edition to see whether it worths upgrading to a higher edition.

Thank you,