BPMN - Model Explorer - Remap Datasource - Is it possible?


Is it possible to “remap” a datasource?

I have done it with pools and lanes. Is it also possible w datasources?

The reason I ask is because I would like to switch the datasource model view. When I right click on the see an option to do it.

02 PM

I have created a directory to hold all my datasources.


Thank you.

Hi Filipe,

Sorry but currently the feature of remapping a diagram element to a different model element is available to pool and lane only. So you will have to create a new diagram element for the data store you want to switch to, and then delete the old one. I notice that you’ve got some data associations drawn to it already, you can preserve those associations by dragging their end points one by one and reconnect them to the new data store before you delete the old one.

Hope this helps,