[BPMN-Simulation] Parallel flows with message into the simulation

Hi there!!

I have my bpmn model that I want to simulate. However, I’m not able to simulate the parallel execution of two flows. Look this example model:

The point is, when I add a new scenario, I want to execute Task 4 which also has two flows, one sequential flow to the join gateway and a message flow to another pool. The simulation panel force me to select between one of two.

What is the proper way to execute two orders or flows in parallel?. In this case, shortly there after a task, send a message to another pool and continue the flow in that pool/lane, in the way the pool continue their execution but also the process of the other pool continue or starts after get the message.

I have try using throwing msg intermediate events and catching msg intermediate events, sends and receive tasks, try to do it without gateway, etc. But nothing works…

Any thoughts?.

Kind regards!