Bugs in VP5 RC4

Hi all,
when coming from full screen mode, all menu bar (toolbar) are missing ! (there is a blank space instead menus).
This behavior occurs on windows XP SP2, it CAN NOT be reproduce each time I switch from full screen mode to not full screen mode.

Morever, when switching to full screen mode, if several diagram windows are opened, not all of them are automatically put in full screen mode (the current diagram is not resize). This behavior can be reproduced when VP is closed and launched again : the 1st switch in full screen mode produce this (little) bug (see screen copy in attached file).



Dear bruno,

Thanks for reporting. I’ve forwarded this message to our engineers to follow-up. I think this problem will be fixed very soon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this problem caused you.

Best regards,

I’ve run into a problem with the report writer on my computer. It’s fine the first time on any given model, but the second time I try to use it with the same model the page doesn’t come up at all. I get the tree menu, but the space that you drag things to remains completely unavailable.

This problem occurs whether or not I save the model or restart the application.

I’m using it on a Fujitsu laptop with Win XP SP 2 and 512 MB RAM.