Buisness Process Diagram / Input Set / Output Set / IO-Rules

Hello everybody,

I’am pretty new to buisness process modeling and working with Agilian.

I wanted to modell some process and add informations about the io-information needed and provided by Tasks. First i thought i could create a token (with attributes) at Start-Event wich folows the Sequence Flow get, changed by Tasks and so on, to nearly implement process like a state machine. Unfortuatly i found no way to do this.

Now i wanted at least to chart the input and output of Tasks, events, (gateways).

So in my example i got a process of user onboarding for an specific applikation. So nearly all input and output is some kind of user-contact information (while not beeing a data object). What is the best way to chart such information?

I wanted to do this with Input- Output-Set, but there seems no way to properly use these, as it would need a lot of copy and paste work to fill in dozens of single text lines. Same for the IO-Rules. Is there any way to globaly define Input and Output and just reference to this in IO-Set and IO-Rules?

I realy miss informations about IO and constraint usage in the UserGuide.

I only just joined this forum so I apologize if this response comes too late to be of any help to you.

If you want to get some grounding in BPMN and understand the hidden assumptions behind the (rather impenetrable IMO) BPMN 2.0 spec, try the book “BPMN Method & Style” by Bruce Silver. Trying to use the Agilian user documentation to learn the subtleties of BPMN is a recipe for frustration.