Business policies and rules in VP


I have three questions:

  1. and 3.


  1. How to display ID on BMM diagram for business rule?

Thank you for your inquiry and regarding to your questions:

  1. Not all of our model elements default will have ID generated. You can follow the article below to configure ID generator for specific model element (i.e. the Business Policy).
    How to Generate Unique ID for Model Elements - Visual Paradigm Know-how

  2. It’s normal that the rule show different in BMM diagram since it do have specific requirement on the notation.

  3. You can click on the top left of the business rule to expend it to show the content.

  4. You can right click on the BMM rule and select Presentation Options > Show Model Element ID of Business Rule to display its ID on diagram.

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Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me .

Hi Milesmouth,

You are welcome. Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.

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