Business Process Simulation

Hi guys,
Recently i tested process simulation capability of VP using the sample project(process of applying for a credit card at a fictional bank called ABC )
now i have i couple of questions about how the simulation works:

1- What is the mechanism of choosing cases of each scenarios ? i mean when i start simulation, which kind of cases will go through process ? the case of "request more info " scenario or “enough info” scenario ? (i know the first case will pick from “enough info” but i want to know the reason of choosing that )

2- in the situation we have multiple cases processing at the back office lane(one of cases is running and other are waiting in the queue ), how it decide to queue a case or just run it ?
For example consider this situation : case1 is running in the “Process Application” task , case2 is waiting for this task , and one case3 is waiting for "Verify Application for " task . we know that case1 was the first task which has been processed in this lane but when it finish working on “Process Application” task , it will block at the back of "Issue Credit card " task and should wait for task2 which is running at “Process Application” task.
How it works ? i guessed task1 should be complete first because it comes first to the lane !!!

Thank you !

We are now using most simple approach.
All instances are within same list and follow the sequence in the list.
It is no different between instance is started or not.

We process instance one by one.
If that instance is unable to process at that moment.
We will pass to next instance.

Thank you for using Visual Paradigm.