Business Requirement

I am using the waterfall model in my project. Under the business requirement stage can I include the use case diagram, expended use case and high level use case?. This job will be done by the business analyst.

Yes. I believe use cases are ideal for requirements elicitation and analysis since they are easily interpreted by a large range of readers.

You can actually use a wide variety of models in the requirements stage as long as you stay within the requirements domain and stay away from the system domain, which should be explored in the design stage.

Hi solomon1300.

It depends on your purpose. Very High level use case diagrams (pictures only) should be sufficient to indicate the scope of effort but the developers may find it helpful to be provided with a conceptual model (class model containing business or domain objects at a high level of abstraction, i.e., key attributes only) and either activity diagrams or basic sequence diagrams to clarify how users expect to interact with the system.

If there are specific requirements regarding platform/execution environments on which the system will be deployed or /technology architectural considerations some of this can be outlined using several other UML diagrams by your business analysts - again avoiding making design decisions.