Call operation action from a instantiated class with variable parameters

Hi folks,

I’ve met some problems when I draw activity diagram.

I tried to invoke the functions which are the members of a instantiated class.

I defined a class: “Register” with members bit0-bit15 and member functions set_bit() and read_bit(), and then instantiate it as “Interrupt Register”.

Then define an action in the activity diagram to invoke the member functions.

Here comes my question,
1, Can I call the member functions of “Interrupt Register” via selecting call operation action?
Actually I can’t find the instance in action->call operation action pop-up window.
I can only select the member functions of class “Register”.

2, Can I select multiple bits as input parameter of member function of class “Register”?
For example, set_bit(bit0, bit1, bit3).

3, Is it possible to show parameters in action? Currently the parameters are hidden in action of activity diagram.

Is there anyone could kindly help on this? Thank you.

Hi harvey4567,

Here is a sample usage of Call Operation Action. I think it can answer all your questions.

Best Regards,