Can a default property for the association line Pin be set

When I create an associated Use Case, the Pins are UP by default. I find that the first thing I do after creating an associated object is to set the Pin Down, allowing me to freely position the connector where I want it. Since I have to do this almost every single time, I waste a lot of time dinking around with the connectors.

Also, clicking the Pin is sometimes a real challenge if two connectors are near eachother. When I move the cursor to the Pin, the context changes to the second association line, not the one I’m trying to work on.

And for my final whine, can a default be set for “Show Extension Point”? I change this to false every time I add an associated use case. Since no one else is complaining, I’m either missing the boat on these things, or everyone else is more patient than me.

Dear John,

Thank you for your suggestions. I’ve forwarded this message to our engineers to follow up. I’ll come back to you immediately once there are any feedbacks. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Best regards,