Can I create Tagged Values for BPMN Diagrams?

Hi there,

I’m just trialling Visual Paradigm and I’ve successfully migrated my process maps from Bizagi (and all looks good so far) but there is something that I’m struggling with.

In Bizagi, I had some extended attributes against the actual diagrams and I can’t work out how to do an equivalent in Visual Paradigm. For extended attributes that I have against specific BPMN objects I have used either tagged values or properties but I can’t see how to do that at a diagram level. Does anyone know whether this is possible?

Thanks for your help.

Hi MirrorBall,

Generally A BPMN diagram will be nested within a model or BPMN sub-process both of which can have tagged values. If you right-click on your diagram in the Model Explorer you might see “Add parent model” this creates a parent model for the diagram if it doesn’t already exist. You can then add tagged values to this encompassing model. Does this achieve what you’re after? What are you planning on doing with these tagged values, are they just for diagram display or do you want to report on them etc.?

BTW… Visual Paradigm is fantastic for developing BPMN diagrams. I have been using it for many years. You can construct a recursive reporting template that recurses into sub-processes and documents processes/tasks as all levels throughout the diagram. It’s very powerful.