Can I replace the component icon with another one?

I am using Agilian to model some architecture following a set of company modeling guidelines. For the most part I can get Agilian to do what I need to follow them, but there are a few outliers.
One item in particular that I have had no luck with is replacing the component icon symbol with another symbol. For example if the component represents a firewall I want to be able to use a firewall icon in place of the component icon. I have researched all the sterotype icons and the ability to replace the entire component with another image but neither seems to quite get where I need to be.
Is this possible? If not is there a way I can ask for it?


Hello Adam,

You can right click on the component and select Presentation Options > User-Defined > Select from File to change the out-look of the component (see attached pic). Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Best regards,