Can I seriously not add a simple photo without paying?

I wanted to see if this software would work for my purposes, so I began a simple organizational chart. The interface is so bare bones that none of the “help” topics/videos look even remotely similar to what I’m working with. I wanted to add a photo to a couple of the boxes so I could see how it might look before I spent a bunch of time on it…I can upload a photo but not actually insert it into the chart? I watched the tutorial video and their interface looks nothing like the one I am working with.
How can I decide if I want to upgrade when all I can see this thing do is exactly what MS Word would do for free? Is this like government logic?..“We need you to pay for premium service before we can show you what premium service does”
So far the charts just look cheap and unprofessional, no WAY would I use this trash for work, or for anything that others might see.

Thank you for your inquiry. I guess you are talking about the online version of our product (VP Online). I’m sorry that the VP Online is fast develop product that we basically got enhancement rollout every week. This causing the videos can’t catch up with the change and I’m sorry about that. The upload of photo is pretty simple, simply use the Image button at the side toolbar of the diagram then will allow you to upload the images from various sources. For Organization Chart unfortunately the Unit element do not support attaching image to it, but still you can put your images within the bounds of the Unit and then group them together.

There are two strong point in our Organization Charts:

  1. You can easily create new child nodes by simply drag out the arrows from parent. When you release the mouse the child element plus connection to parent node will be created for you. It means you don’t need to go through complex steps like manually create the child node and then establish the link with parent.
  2. The +/- button top left of an unit allows you to collapse/expand its child nodes. It gives user flexibility to customize the presentation of the diagram

BTW, in VP Online our Organization Chart is supported by the Free Edition. You don’t need to pay a penny to use this diagram.

It will be great if you can give me more details about the problem you experiencing so that we can help.