Can I share projects between Visual Paradigm for UML and Smart Dev. Environment?


we’re currently evaluating UML tools for our SW-development.

As we have stuff which is mainly working on analytical and design topics and others which are mainly developing software,
I’d like to know if it is possible e.g. to start a project using Visual Paradigm for UML and then go on with SDE based on Visual Studio.
Are there any disadvantages? Otherwise we must have a Visual Studio licence for all of them and use the Smart Development
Environment only.

Thanks for any answer,
Karsten :smiley:

Hi Karsten,

Thanks for your message. There will be no problem for you to model your project among VP-UML and SDE for Visual Studio (SDE-VS) as long as they are in compatible versions (since the project file is not backward compatible, i.e. projects saved by newer version cannot be opened by older version).

Just to remind you that a lower edition is unable to view diagrams which are only supported in higher edition.
e.g. Mind Mapping Diagram, Business Process Diagram are available in Enterprise Edition but not in Professional Edition.
But it doesn’t mean that the models are lost in lower edition, they still exist.

As you mentioned you would like to work on VP-UML as well as SDE-VS, you may consider to use our Teamwork Server (or CVS, SVN, Perforce) so that you can share projects with different VP products via a centralized repository. This saves time in managing works from different staff.
You can find more details about Teamwork Server in

If there are any further inquiries, please feel free to contact me again.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong