Can not delete branches with permission

Hello, I am checking my permissions, and I can see that I have a delete branch permission.
Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.41.33

But when I try to delete one, it says Permission Denied. Can you please help? We want to be able to delete our own branches.

I have asked a related question before, sorry about the repeating

Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 15.48.52

Here is the error I get

May I know you are using on-premises Teamwork Server? or VP Online as your repository?

Hi we are using on-premises Teamwork Server :pray:

Would you please send us the log files of your server for checking? You can find them under the following folder of your server. You can send them to to avoid publish them to the forum. Thanks!


Okay thank you, I will share them as soon as I talk with the admins.