Can not open save files from browser correctly

when I try to open any saved design from Browser, the screen displays a window over the opened document, and I can not deal with the design.

find the below steps:

Hi MostafaKandil,

Thank you for your post. May I know your steps? We tried opening a .vpd diagram file from the Workspace screen with success:

Besides, we also tried opening a .vpd from within the editor with success.

Sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

  1. Open online visual paradigm, then click “My Documents” then click on “From Browser”

  2. Select Any project I saved before

  3. A window appears over the project, to select the chart type. and I can not close it

  4. if I select any chart it opens a new tab of the browser

Note: this issue appeared recently (maybe a month ago). but before that, it was working properly with me.

Thanks for the details and let me check. Please be patient.

I would like to let you know the unable to open browser saved diagram problem had been fixed. We are sorry about the problem you experienced. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!

Thank You, Rain. it’s working properly now