Can pools be collapsed and expanded?

Can pools on Business Process Diagrams in BPVA be collapsed, to hide all internal processes and sequence flows, and just see the messages to and from the pool? How?

Thanks - Rowan

Hi Rowan,

You need to use two separate diagrams to model what you wanted. Use a diagram to show pools with internal content, and another for black box. To show the same pool on another diagram, open the Model Explorer and drag the pool onto the diagram. To set a pool as blackbox, right click on the pool and select Black Box from the popup menu. Please note that you can set a pool to be black box only if it does not contain any shape.

Feel free to post again if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung


I don’t think this does what I wanted. I was hoping for an “expand” and “contract” feature, similar to the one for sub-processes, where if a particular pool was not of interest at a particular time, I could collapse it and hide its content to make the diagram smaller and simpler. I don’t want to have to create another copy of the pool and remove all its content - that seems counter-procudtive. I few minutes later I may need to see what’s in the pool, so I may want to expand it again…

Is it possible to do what I’m suggesting?

Thanks - Rowan