Can’t use local workspace w/ Community Edition?

According to this post, it is possible to set up a local workspace:

I have seen this mentioned in some other threads, as well. When I see screenshots of the “connect to server” dialog box, there are always three options: Sign up Online, Local Workspace, and Existing User. However, my dialog is missing the Local Workspace option. It’s not “unavailable” or “greyed out” – it’s just not there at all. There are only two options in the dialog.

I’m only using VP for circuit diagrams (it is fantastic for that!). I’m not working with or sharing to anybody else. I’m just a simple user trying to use a basic feature of the SW that I’m pretty sure doesn’t require being online.

This is important for me because my internet connection is weak and unreliable. That’s why I’m working in the desktop app in the first place. Sometimes I want to work but can’t because my internet is out or too slow. VP won’t even open my file – which I know is stored locally somewhere – until it talks to the mothership.

I’ve moved to a completely new computer and have a fresh installation of VP 17.0 activated with my Community Edition code. I haven’t changed anything from default, but the local option has never been available. Has the ability to work offline been removed?

I’d be very grateful for any ideas about how I can work offline. Thank you.

I’m sorry that the free Community Edition only support using using VP Online as back end server. Only the paid license support using local embedded server (local workspace) as back end server. I’m sorry about this limitation.

Thanks for clarifying; It’d be nice if this was spelled out in the documentation.

It should especially be in the “product edition comparison” table, which appears to list every single feature in the entire app except for offline work. That was the first place I went when trying to figure out why I didn’t have the feature, and if it had been included there it would have saved me hours of time.