Can the 'TOGAF ADM' framework be integrated?

Hello all,
Sorry but I’m a newbie to these forums, please be patient with me.

We are using Agilian for creating deployment diagrams and I must say it runs like a charm!
The IT manager asked me if it is possible to add the TOGAF ADM framework to agilian so Enterprise Architecture diagrams can be created/linked with our current diagrams. Can anyone answer this question ?


Sure you can, but you need to build the TOGAF ADM framework yourself.

Just use a class diagram to create the top layer and work it from there.

Or you can just create a metamodel using an ER diagram like this

I been using Togaf for a while now with Agilian (or the otherway around if you like).

You will have to build it :-).

Here is an example of a metamodel using togaf