Can we assign the assoctiated property List<...> when generating code?

Hi, I draw two class Person,Car and put an 1…* association between them,called drive, which means a person can drive multiple cars. In the generating java dialog window, I found the generated collection type of cars can’t be assigned, just array,ArrayList,Vector etc, you know, normally we use super class of Collection , such as List,Map,Set, not concrete class such as ArrayList,HashMap for refactoring .
below is generated code by vp for uml 7.0

public class Car {
	private int speed;
	Person driver;

	public void setSpeed(int speed) {
		this.speed = speed;

	public int getSpeed() {
		return this.speed;

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class Person {
	private int age;
	ArrayList<Car> car = new ArrayList<Car>();//I do hope the type would be List<Car> , that said List<Car> car = new ArrayList<Car>();

thanks , vp is a good uml , I think so after try many uml tool.