Can you set tag values on Objects?

I am creating an Objects diagram. The Objects have a classifier of a Class which has a Stereotype with tags.

The specification form of the Objects has a “Slots” tab. It is showing Attributes of the Class, but not the tags from the Class stereotype.

I was expecting to be able to set the value of the tags from the Stereotype, as well as the Attributes from the Class.

For example, tag MyTag on a Stereotype might be of type <> MyClass. In this case I want to make the value of MyTag on an Object another Object with a MyClass classifier.

Thank you for your inquiry. According to UML 2.5 specification section 9.9.20 it mentioned “A Slot designates that an entity modeled by an InstanceSpecification has a value or values for a specific StructuralFeature”.

And in section 9.9.21 StructuralFeature [Abstract Class] are specialized by Property, which can only be ownedAttribute or association end, while tagged values didn’t fall into this case.

Based on the above it means tagged values is not covered and cannot be defined into slot. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!