Cannot access UseCase PreConditions in Doc Composer

I am unable to put the Use Case “preConditions” and “postConditions” properties into a Doc Composer documents (they appear as empty strings).

Just as a test case, I put the following in a Doc Base fill-in document:

$(ELEMENT, “XXXX”, “UseCase”, LoopInProject, PROPERTY=“preConditions”}

It doesn’t work in a template as well.

Hi rberens,

Thank you for your inquiry. preconditions should be stored as a tagged value of a use case. Let me ask our developers for a way to retrieve the value. I will let you know when there is any updates.

Best regards,
Jick Yenug

Hi rberens,

You can write a custom template to achieve your need. Here is the code of the template:

<MetaModelElement property="taggedValues">
	<IterationBlock name="Preconditions">
		<StringPropertyText property="value"/>
	<IterationBlock name="Postconditions ">
		<StringPropertyText property="value"/>

In your Doc-base, add the following code to apply the template:
${ELEMENT, “List of Use Cases”, UseCase, LoopInProject, MY_TEMPLATE}

where MY_TEMPLATE is the name of the template.

The following article shows you how to define an ${ELEMENT}

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thanks Jick for the reply. I shall try it.

Curently, what I have been doing is right-clicking on a use case in the diagram, and selecting “Generate Requirements Spec” from the menu. The I right click on the generated document and select “Binding Details…” from the menu. This gives me a ${ELEMENT…} that I can put in the document base. There are two issues with this: 1) It is a manual process that requires manual updating, and 2) I can’t iterate in the document base.

I had assumed that I could access access the preConditions and postConditions properties as they were listed in the “UseCase” website.

Thanks again,