Cannot change data type on foreign key

On physical model where column is used as foreign key I cannot change its data type.

In some case during physical modeling we discover the real data type, I would expect the tool will automatically change the referenced column data type across whole model.

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In attached example
You cannot change the type of column “OrderID”
but you can change the type of column “ID”
and “OrderID” will update its type accordingly

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Hi Roykeung,

the problem still presists. We are doing big data models for Hive, so it appears, that in the model there are about 10 tables which all having same primary/foreign key same column. We also have mostly relationship 1…1 for about 10 tables, so every foreign key is primary key. And we cannot change the data type.

It looks that some previously deleted relationships (which are not visible) are still in the repository, how can I see ALL relationships of the table, so I can easily delete them?

So in diagram I se no relationships, but column is still having green arrow representing foreign key. This situation happen when someone from our team previously deleted relation from diagram, but on dialog “delete also from repository” he/she answered NO. Then relation is not visible, but still there. We were not able to find any other solution than in every table delete column which asked us to delete related relationship and after this we added column back it was clear.

You can use Visualize Related Model Element to visualize those not yet visualized relationships.

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