Cannot close diagrams since version 12.2

On Windows 10 the Visual Paradigm ME 12.2 User Interface is completely renewed. And I am already getting used with the ribbon controls.
But one thing annoys me: after opening a diagram (e.g. from Model Explorer) I cannot close the diagram. I work mainly in the Model Explorer for adding classes etc. Sometimes I want to view a diagram but most of the time the majority of my screen space is occupied by a diagram that I don’t want to see anymore. This is distracting and bad UX (opening something in a UI should be reversible).

I cannot find a close button for diagrams and it would be great if the close button returns.

You can click on the Switch Diagram tool to close the non-active diagrams. And you can pressing Ctrl + F4 (Ctrl + W for Linux) to close your active opening diagram. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

Best regards,
Rain Wong