Cannot Define Slot in object diagram

I’m trying to create an object diagram, but I cannot define a slot.

First I’ve created a class diagram. 2 classes do have String attributes. I’ve created an object diagram containing one object. After that, the object get a classifier which is one of those two objects.
Then, I’m trying to define a slot. The slot screen shows the attributes, but the Define Slot button isn’t shown. Therefore, it is impossible to define a slot for the object.

What goes wrong. Why isn’t the Define Slot button shown?

I’ve got the Modeler Edition, SP2.


Dear Marc,

Did you click on any of the features from the slot page for defining slot? After you have clicked on any of them, the Define Slow button will be enabled.

Best Regards,

Hi Jick,

No, there are three buttons: Open Specification, Edit Values and Remove. All are disabled. When clicking a feature, the Open Specification button is enabled. The Define Slot button isn’t anywhere.


Hi Marc,

I just talked to our engineers and we all regard this as a very unusual problem since we haven’t remove the button in whatever situation. The only possible cause of problem, which we can think of, is the dialog is not wide enough to display the button. Could you please try to resize the dialog wider,
then resize the splitpane to allow more area on the left, to see if it
works? If not, may I have an online meeting with you to diagnose this problem?

Best Regards,