Cannot Generate Class Diagram From ERD

I have two ERDs for the same database. The (1) first has all of the tables in the database and the (2) second has some of the tables in the database.

For some reason I cannot generate an ORM class diagram for diagram (2). When I choose to “synchronize to class diagram” I end up with two class diagrams but the diagram for ERD (2) is empty.

When sync between class model and ER model, you can specify the target diagram during synchronization (as attached image). May I know have you specified the target diagram during synchronization?

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Hi all,

I have similar problem. At first I created ERD and want to generate class diagram from that. When I clicked synchronize to Class Diagram, I couldn’t find any class diagram on the table list and there’s no option to create a new one. Does this mean I should create a Class Diagram at the very beginning to be able to sync class diagram and ERD back and forth?


Hello Hmyda,

Would you mind send me your project file (with ERD) to have a look?

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