Cannot install SDE + DBVA in the same platform(Eclipse)

Here is an error:
“DVBA for Eclipse/IBM WebSphere Studio 1.0” and “SDE for Eclipse/IBM WebSphere Studio 2.1” cannot be installed in the same Eclipse/IBM WebSphere Studio installation.

maybe it’s not posible :shock: to install this plugins in the same Eclipse. Then why?

Visual Paradigm Suite 1.1
build number: 20050422
Community Edition

Yes that’s right. The DBVA and SDE cannot be installed on the same IDE because conflict may occur. We don’t recommend user doing this.

In this situation, there are two alternatives:

  1. Install the SDE for Eclipse Enterprise Edition. Since the SDE Enterprise Edition includes all features in DB-VA, it is recommended installation
  2. Install SDE and DB-VA in two different Eclipse Platforms. In the installation process, you can choose download Eclipse from Internet that will make a clear eclipse inside your installation folder.

Please visit below link for more information about the VP Suite installation:

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