Cannot run VP


The installation process reported no fatal errors, but I am completely unable to start VP. The exception message in the log file seems to indicate problems with either my class path or the JAR files. Strangely enough, VP did run succesfully once: right after it was installed.

Could someone please try to help me get this stuff running? Thanks…

I have exactly the same problem. No shortcuts were installed and if I navigate to the program folder & double-click the vpuml.jar file, nothing happens. The program did run once, right after install, but would not display any diagrams.

I’m using Windows XP Pro and Sun JDK 1.4.1.

Please try to use the Visual Paradigm for UML.exe or using following command:
<%installation directory%>\jre\bin\java -cp vpuml.jar;vpumlresources.jar RV

You should also include the vpumlresources.jar in the classpath.

Thank you for the last tip.
I tried Visual Paradigm CE with Mac OS X and VM 1.4.1. First the program did not start. After I placed vpumlresources in /Library/java/extensions the program started.