Cannot run vpserver.exe from teh windows 32-bit download

First I have to state there REALLY needs to be MORE installation documentation for Teamserver. I looked and could not find any. If it is just me not finding it, then please make it more readily accessible please. If not, please make some docs.

But, I was able to run the server with ./bin/startup.bat but I need this to run as a service on a headless box.

I tried to execute vpserver.exe instead, but I get this error:

[2012-06-14 07:55:58] [408  prunsrv.c] [error]
The system cannot find the file specified.
[2012-06-14 07:55:58] [1374 prunsrv.c] [error]
Load configuration failed


I have an urgent client demo for a client that is most likely going to purchase this, but need it to work first.

Hi Mickknutson,

You are not using the correct executable. Please launch the server by executing the startup.bat under VP Server\scripts folder.

Best regards,
Rain Wong