Cannot save SDE diagrams

I have Jdeveloper1012 on FreeBSD5.3 with java 1.4.2.
I’m using VP-SDE 1.2.
It works fine creating new UML diagrams and objects, saving them gives me no visible errors, but there’s nothing on the diagrams when I open the SDE again.
This happens only for the SDE part. Objects and diagrams created with the Jdeveloper tools save and open correctly.
When I use the “root” user, the problem solves. But, can anybody give me a help to find and solve the problem for the normal user?

Assuming the following environment:
Jdeveloper installed under
JDEV_BASE_DIR: /usr/local/jdev
Jdeveloper executable is in $JDEV_BASE_DIR/jdev/bin/jdev


SDE automatically creates:


but something seems wrong here, SDE tries to create the following directory and file:


It seems the path is determined in $JDEV_USER_DIR/jdevhome/mywork/Application1/Project/Project.jpr where

is a relative path instead of absolute as the others.
I couldn’t find the “URL” voice in any project property.
Maybe somebody has suggestions? Thanks, bye.

Dear hein,

Thank you for your information. We will investigate this problem as soon as possible.



if it is related to the path of the project (xxxxxx/.VPUML/xxx.vpp)
you may try the new version of SDE (2.0 or later)
the default project path is changed, and it accepts us to set the project path.

the new version 2.1 solves the problem in windows (I had also found a problem there). I didn’t try yet in BSD.
Thanks all,