Can't downloading VP-UML for Linux

I just tried to download VP-UML for Linux and I couldn’t. It appeared me the insatllation script code after clicking download link. I just tried to download with mirrors but I obtained the same result.

I would like to know why I can’t download this software in Linux when I didn’t have any problem downloading VP-UML for Windows.


Hi Netman,

Which browser are you using?

I’ve had no problems downloading it with Mozilla Firebird. However, when I use IE, I got the same problem as you.

To overcome this, click “Back” and where it says “If your download does not start, click here.” Right click “here” and select “Save Target As”. This should prompt a save dialogue and you should be able to download the file. The reason this error occurs is that windows tries to be smart and opens the binary file (.bin file) with it’s default viewer - Internet Explorer.

Hope this helps.