Can't install for netbeans 4.1

During installation it always gives the “invalid directory” error. I’ve tried the following paths:

Our engineer will test it and come back to you as soon as possible.

Dear Matthew,

We have tested on the NetBeans 4.1 EA2 and no problem was found. Can you tell me the detail version of Netbeans that you are using? also can you tell be the detail spec. of your working environment?

When installing VP-UML IDE Integration/SDE or DB-VA to NetBeans 4.1, the following directories will be checked:


Can you verify the above directory is available or not?
Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to hearing form you.

Best regards,

Dear Matthew,

Please ensure you selected to install only one kind of integration. That is, if you have selected DB-VA for NetBeans, please uncheck SDE for NetBeans, and vice versa. By the way, you could click on the “?” button to obtain more information about the problem.

Best Regards,