Can't open/save the ERM

Hi all!

I opened unintentionally a DBVA-EC in another project which is also in my workspace. Since that time my ‘Diagramm Navigator’ doesn’t show me my “original” Entity Relationship Model even if I open DBVA from the right project. :shock:

My vpp. - File in the vpproject path is just 1KB (that’s normal I think…!?) and VP can’t read it !
If I unname the backup file (whitch is at about 2.5 MB) (xxx.vpp~3 into xxx.vpp) VP opens it, but later when I want to save any changes, it seems like it would (because it made another backup),
but it doesn’t.
The next time I wanted it to open - didn’t work… I had to unname again (the new backup file), and my changes weren’t saved.

…can someone help me ?

Thank for your message and I’m sorry for my late response. Could you mind tell me more details about your problem, such as the build number of the DBVA-EC that you are using? And if possible, could you please send me the vp.log file and your project to have a look? You can send them to Thanks in advance!

Best regards,