Can't resize elements in sequence diagram

After creating them I can’t figure out how to resize a number of elements in sequence diagrams including:

  • frame
  • note
  • interaction use

Lifelines, if their text is cropped, do display a “Fit Size” icon.

Is there an option I need to set to allow me to resize some of these elements?

Best regards,


Forgot some important details

  • win xp pro sp 2
  • VP UML Community Edition V6.1 (Build 20070918)


Hi Carlos,

The Fit Size icon is available for all shapes. It shows when the size is bigger than the smallest possible one. If you enlarge the Frame, Note and Interaction Use, you’ll find the Fit Size icon.

Notice that the Fit Size icon cause the shape to resize to its smallest possible size. If you want to resize it freely, you can drag the black control points surrounding the shape.

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