Can't run a plugin through terminal when jar is exported from IntelliJ

I have created a plugin that gathers information from projects/diagrams and logs them without the need to open Visual Paradigm. However, every time I try to execute the code using the sh command*. I am met with a ClassNotFoundException, despite my plugin.xml id & class variables matching the required sources. Using eclipse with the same code base works fine, so it seems either there is an issue with IntelliJ exporting jar plugins for VP or I am exporting jars from IntelliJ incorrectly. Any help would be useful?

I have also included screenshots of the package structure and the plugin class.

This is the plugin.xml code:

<plugin id="com.sample.plugin" name="ProcessDiagram Plugin" description="ProcessDiagram Plugin" provider="ProcessDiagram" class="com.sample.plugin.refreshalldiagrams.Plugin">
		<library path="lib/ProcessDiagram.jar" relativePath="true" />