Can't save file in Google drive


I am not able to save my VP files to the drive. VP has the right to write to the drive but it doesn’t.

When I click on “Save as” and “Drive”. The window just closes and nothing changes.

In the browser console I get the following :

Thank you,
Alan Blanchet

Thank you for using Visual Paradigm Online.

The issue should be fixed.

Sorry for inconvenient,

Hello, firstly thanks for the reply.

Although the bug is still there for me (I cleared the browser cache and reconnected).

Here is a screenshot of the console taken at 9:50am UTC+1. I created a new project. And I’m connected with my Google account of course.

Thank you.
Alan Blanchet

Hello Alan,

We had rollout another fix in 4 hours ago.

Does the issue is solved?

If your still get the issue, would your send us your diagram files to
Then our engineer will investigate what’s the issue in details.

Sorry again.

Hello Mercus,

I just sent a mail to the indicated mail adress.