Can't visualize requirements created in a Requirement Grid view

Am I missing something when it comes to functionality offered by the Requirement Grid? I understand the appeal of a simple, tabular format for quickly drafting up a series of requirements. However after creating requirements, there seems to be no way to visualize them, create associations with other requirements (or test cases), or do anything with them at all. The “visualize requirement” button remains greyed out and inaccessible. I am also unable to edit any columns except for the requirement name itself.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with edition (Agilian Standard) I am using, or a problem with the evaluation license, or a simple product bug.

Any help or guidance appreciated … as it stands now, the requirements grid view is basically useless to me.

Hello trohricht,

May I know have you selected the requirement in the grid (the row showing in blue) before you try to visualize it?

Best regards,