Capturing applications within BPMN

I have multiple business processes that interface with several applications. For example, my process starts in aone application and then as i move through the process i need to go to several other applciations.

As i am using BPMN to document my processes i am having trouble associating the application to the process task.

Is there a way i can capture this information and view on screen and in a report or similiar that shows how the applicatins are connected to the processes used in the various business processes?

Hi Nick,

If the applications are responsible to processing the activities within your process, would you consider using BPMN pools and lanes to represent them?

If this isn’t what you need, how about using a BPMN group? According to the OMG BPMN specification, groups are:
“used to highlight certain sections of a diagram without adding additional constrains for performance-as a sub-process would. The highlighted (grouped) section of the Diagram can be separated for reporting and analysis purposes. Groups do not affect the flow of the process”

Best regards,
Jick Yeung