Change Entity Columntype


is it possible to change all varchar(255) type in an Entity to nvarchar(255)?

is is possible to change the default behavior: String to varchar(255)?


Hi user,

Thanks for your post. I’ve passed your issue to our engineers to see if we can develop a plugin to help you change the column from varchar(255) to nvarchar(255). If there is any feedback, I’ll come back to you.

We are sorry that currently setting default type for column is not supported, but we will consider it.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi user,

I would like to let you know that we developed the plugin already, please find it attached below. To deploy the plugin:

  1. create a “plugins” folder inside VP Suite installation directory
  2. download the attached zip and unzip it to the plugins folder,
    make sure the structure like “VP Suite/plugins/com.vp.plugin.sample.changecolumntype/src…”
  3. start VP-UML and you will see a socket button on the toolbar
  • You are recommended to backup your project file before running the plugin.

Please take a look at the attached image as an example of how to use th plugin. If you want to change all varchar(20) to varchar(255), you need to set any one of the column to be varchar(255) first (the plugin requires to base on existing column). Then, right-click on varchar(255) column, select “Change specified column type to this column”, a dialog will show for entering the “type” (in this example, enter “varchar(20)”). Click OK to confirm, all “varchar(20)” columns will then be changed to “varchar(255)”

Note: on the input dialog, if user do not specify the length (enter “varchar” without “(20)”), all “varchar” columns will be varchar(255)

Hope this plugin helps. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong