Change numbering sheme in sequence diagramm

Hey there. I’d like to have my messages/calls numbered 1,2,3… but VP keeps bugging me with x.y Numbers - and I can not change them in properties (greyed out) - any ideas? thank you

You can right click on the blank area of the sequence diagram and specify the sequence number format from the popup menu (see attached pic).

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thank you so much!

One other thing, closely related to this: Is it possible, to use Indices in a message Label? thank you

I have the same issue but do not see the option for “sequence flow” when righ-clicking. It is the first time this numbering problem happens to me. Even each connector is automatically numbered. Any ideas how to get rid of it?

Hi rain, there’s a way to set up it globally or at workspace level?

Hi Giovanni,

There is not yet a workspace level option for this. We will support it and notify you once this option is ready.

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